HPRC 3500 Backpack Case
(I.D. 12.63" x 17.06" x 6.31")

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HP3500 Case Empty

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HP3500 Case with Multilayer Diced "Pick & Pluck"
Foam and Convoluted (egg-crate) Foam Lid



HP3500 Replacement Multilayer Diced
"Pick & Pluck" Foam Set ONLY

Case with Custom-Designed Foam

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HPRC 3500
O.D. 14.57" x 19.61" x 7.28"
I.D. 12.63" x 17.06" x 6.31"


The 3500 Backpack is an injection-molded backpack that is watertight, airtight and virtually crushproof. It is made of TTX01 polypropylene plastic resin with a micro-textured surface to reduce scratching. It can be customizable with a cubed foam,  with an interior nylon bag or can be purchased empty.

The ergonomic back pad is made of fast drying antibacterial foam and was designed to be thicker in critical areas such as the shoulder blades and lumbar to provide the precise level of required support and protection. The adjustable shoulder and side straps are made of soft air mesh to allow for comfort and quick moisture evaporation. Four extra strong side loops have been molded in for attaching future accessories such as a jacket and helmet net as well as a tripod holder.

Pack Basics

  • Injection molded shell made of advanced patented plastic, TTX01 polypropylene-resin, for up to 20% lighter weight
  • Micro-textured surface to reduce scratching
  • Neoprene O-ring to keep the case air and watertight
  • Air pressure release valve included
  • Double-hinge locking latches for secure close and comfort open
  • Four extra strong side loops have been molded in for attaching future accessories such as a jacket and helmet net as well as a tripod holder


  • ATA (Air Transport Association) 300 rated
  • IP67 Military specification for protection against dust and against the effect of immersion between 15cm and 1.0 m
  • STANAG 4280 is a NATO specification for high and low temperatures for extended periods of time (up to 131° Fahrenheit for 48 hours and as low as -4.0° Fahrenheit for 16 hours)
  • DS 81-41 (military-grade)

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Inside Dimensions

12.625" (321mm)
17.0625" (433mm)
Base Depth:
3.8125" (97mm)
Lid Depth:
2.5" (64mm)
Total Depth:
6.3125" (160mm)
Corner Radius:
1.5" (38mm)

Outside Dimensions

Length (O.D.):
14.57" (370mm)
Width (O.D.):
19.61" (498mm)
Total Depth (O.D.):
7.28" (185mm)

Case Information

Carry On :
Case Type:
Injection Molded
Heavy Duty
Empty Weight:
6.61 lbs (3.00kg)
Latch Type:
Up and over pull down
Made in the U.S.A.:
No, Made in Italy
Pressure Relief Valve:
TSA Approved :
Yes, Airline approved
Wall Construction:
Single Wall-Injection Molded
Waterproof :
No Wheels