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Matterport 3 Maestro D2116-7 Case [CLONE]



You are a Matterport 3 Maestro, and you deserve a Maestro Case. Developed with the We Get Around Network, this rugged transport case can travel with you wherever you need to go. Engineered for excellence, the case holds your Matterport 3 Camera, batteries, iPad, and cables. Doro cases provide the safest transportable environment for sensitive, expensive, or vital equipment. 

  • Heavy Duty Light Weight Case: Our extra rugged Doro cases are built to last. Lightweight for transport, each case is waterproof and dustproof. Case includes a durable full length hinge, corrosion free nylon pins, and an airtight pressure equalization valve. This case will protect your equipment for years to come.
  • Premium Foam: Made with TopGuard, a unique combination of military grade closed cell polyethylene foams. Excellent shock absorption with water/chemical resistance. Surface is highly durable, easy to wipe, and does not soak up moisture. 
  • Great for Travel: Our case is safe, secure, and TSA compliant. Features two padlock holes and an automatic pressure equalization valve. The IP67 rating confirms the case is super strong and waterproof (Water-tight for up to 30 minutes, submerged 1 meter deep).
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed: 30 Day money back guarantee combined with a lifetime warranty.


Inside Dimensions

21.125" (537mm)
15.9375" (405mm)
Base Depth:
5.5" (140mm)
Lid Depth:
1.88" (48mm)
Total Depth:
7.38" (187mm)
Corner Radius:
0.438 (11mm)

Outside Dimensions

Length (O.D.):
23.78" (604mm)
Width (O.D.):
18.62" (473mm)
Total Depth (O.D.):
8.86" (225mm)

Case Information

Carry On :
Case Type:
Injection Molded
Heavy Duty
Empty Weight:
14.1 lbs (6.4 kg)
Latch Type:
Up and over pull down
Double Padlockable (Fits 0.313" Shackle)
Made in the U.S.A.:
No, Made in Italy
Pelican Equivalent:
Pelican 1610
Pressure Relief Valve:
TSA Approved :
Yes, Airline approved
Wall Construction:
Single Wall-Injection Molded
Waterproof :